Welcome to Silverburn Park


Silverburn park has a long history encompassing both an industrial heritage and as a hub for the Levenmouth community.

The park was owned by the Russell family who used the park as a centre for their flax works. The flax mill was in operation from around 1854 until 1930, although the retting pond which was used to treat the raw flax can still be found in the park.

In 1973 the park was gifted to the Leven town council on the stipulation that  it should  'remain forever as a quiet area used for the benefit of the public in general and the people of Leven in particular for nature trails, quiet parkland and organised camping.'

Researching the history of Silverburn park is one of our long term goals for Silverburn. If you would be interested in helping us in our research of the parks history then get in contact with us via the 'Contact' page.

You can also learn more about the history, and our future plans here 

To read a report created by Amber Ward in 2017 based on the archival information about Silverburn, click here