Welcome to Silverburn Park

Above: Work gets underway in the main garden to restore it to former glories

Below: The end result

Below: Before and after photos of the main drive - tremendous effort by the Squad!

Supporting the Levenmouth Plan – Increasing Employment Opportunities through Training – Community Works & FEAT Trading CIC


Councillors in Levenmouth have stated that one of their main concerns in relation to local planning objectives is the need to ensure that opportunities are made available to local people to enhance their skills to provide the best opportunity to be ready for work. The type and range of skills imparted are important to assist local people to be aspirational in terms of what type of job they would like to do.

The Levenmouth Plan notes that economic development and increasing local employment is a priority for the area.

The Community Works Programme, which has been running in Fife for the last two years, assists in achieving some of the core aims of the Economy, Planning & Employability Services, namely

  • Providing a range of training programmes for youths and adults
  • Arranging work placements
  • Supporting learners to progress into work/training
  • Supporting and assisting the development of Community based training organisations

Community Works training squads have ordinarily had a Fife wide remit and have been used to resolve long-standing community concerns around environmental issues, or have assisted in larger developmental projects including the set-up of allotment sites etc.

The range and nature of the jobs carried out are important to the success of the programme.  Not only is it essential that they meet the diverse and unique aspirations of our communities across Fife, but they also provide real opportunities to enable participants to put into practice a wide range of skills to bring about a solution to a problem, and learn from that process.

The Silverburn Squad t is a dedicated Community Works team that has a single focus in the Levenmouth area. The local team are, in general, selected from postcodes in this area, therefore mitigating travel time and travel expense. It will also allow participants to have the satisfaction that the work they do will have a positive impact in the communities in which they live.

The team have an anchor point in Levenmouth at Silverburn Park. The Park will provide a range of opportunities for project related work around woodland management, horticulture, watercourse work etc. However, the scope of the work carried out will extend to all parts of Levenmouth. The Area Management team also assist in pulling together a schedule of work with input from other Services, notably Area Services and Housing, as well as partner agencies in Levenmouth.

The team consists of between 6-10 trainees at any point in time and is refreshed as required should participants find work elsewhere during the period of involvement with community works. The clients will be referred from a range of sources including Fife Council’s employability teams, job clubs, DWP and other local partners. There is a potential for individuals to be on the programme for up to 8 weeks.  Initial outcome targets have been
set for the programme with a successful outcome for those participating being:

  • Securing a job
  • Securing a paid place within the Community works Programme
  • Securing a subsidised post within the Fife Youth Jobs Contract
  • Moving into further education.

If you have are interested in joining the squad, please contact Andy Brown at Fife Council: andy.brown@fife.gov.uk Tel 03451 555555 ext 446627

The Squad was shortlisted down to the final 3 organisations in the Groundwork UK Community Awards in the category of Education/Employment and the organisation was also shortlisted for an award in the 2017 Fife Business Diversity awards.

Squad members and funders